Versatile, robust, economical and easy to use,
the FLEXIPRINT V2.46 is an innovative and high-performance solution
for industrial converters: print, logistics, packaging, etc.


Versatile, robust, economical and easy to use,
the FLEXIPRINT V2.46 is an innovative and high-performance solution
for industrial converters: print, logistics, packaging, etc.

Yvelines distribution vente Flexiprint

Return on investment

Small, medium or large series, a quick return on investment due to its flexibility and low printing cost.

Ecological impact

A water-based technology for a neutral ecological impact.


A pleasant workstation designed for production.

Technical Specifications FLEXIPRINT V2.46

  • Digital Printing Memjet CMYKK
  • Different kind of supports, paper, cardboard, wood...
  • Installation and adaptation on existing production line

Simplified Technical Specifications

  • INK TECHNOLOGY: 4 color CMYK water-based ink Memjet® Duraflex/ 2 liters can
  • PRINT RESOLUTION AND SPEED: 1600 x 954 DPI at 46m/min / 1600 x 1600 DPI at 28m/min
  • PRINTING AREA: Width 324 mm x 1270 mm
  • SENSOR: Optical fiber
  • SOFTWARE: TrojanControl software and RIP Xitron
    Print driver compatibility: Windows 32/64 bits 7, 8, 10, 32 bits Windows XP and Vista
  • DOCUMENT THICKNESS: Up to 90 mm - Automatic detection
  • COMPRESSED AIR : 6 bars
  • VACUUM : One pump included

Feeders, different size of vacuum table, exit table on demand. We study every case on request.

2 years warranty.

RIP Xitron Proof Colour on request.

Other Machinery & Consumables

Yvelines distribution vente iJetColor


  • HP Thermal Inkjet Technology.
  • Ultra Reliable Envelope Vacuum Feeding System
  • Pigment Based HP Ink = Water Safe
  • High Speed Output yields 10,000+ envelopes/hr
  • Low Variable Cost of Ownership
  • MFG Direct Support - iJetAdvantage
  • Full-bleed Printing and PMS Color Matching Technology

Simplified Technical Specifications

  • MAX FEED SIZE: 12” x 17”
  • MAX PRINT WIDTH: 11.7”
  • MINIMUM FEED SIZE: 2” wide x 3.5” long
  • MAX FEED THICKNESS: 3/8” w/ envelope feeder
  • AUTOMATIC FEEDING: Alignment bar for edge accuracy of +/- 1/32
  • HIGH RESOLUTION From 4,285-6,210 envelopes an hour
  • PRODUCTION MODE From 8,120-10,285 envelopes an hour
  • RESOLUTION: High Resolution 1200 x 1200 dpi
    Production 1200 x 600 dpi
  • OPTICAL DENSITY: Rich Black > 1.2 @ Opital Density
  • INK TANK CAPACITY: 235 ml C, M, Y 498 ml K Total 1.2L
  • COLOR MATRIX: Up to 16.8 million available colors
  • BUNDLED COMPUTER RIP PLATFORM: Dell Intel Core i5 w 16 GB RAM, 500 GB SSD drive
  • CONNECTIONS REQUIRED: 2 Ethernet, 110 VAC ≥12 amps
  • PRE-INSTALLED DFE + RIP: Navigator RIP/Server
    Configuration, ICC color profiles, Spot Color
    Matching, machine controls, cost calculator.
  • WORKING SPACE: 9’ long 3’ deep. Right to left, full-bleed.
Yvelines distribution vente Flexi Print 4.1

ColorMatic ID2500/ID5000

  • Ink dosing machine traditional of UV offset ink
  • Dosing from 1 to 5,000 gr
  • Possibility of saving until 100,000 new recipes
  • Ink tin of 2.5kg

Simplified Technical Specifications

  • 15 basis colours
  • Accurate of 0.2 gr
  • Offset ink traditional or UV
  • Small foot print

  • Spectro color connection
  • Dosing until 5,000 gr
  • Until 6 external pumps
  • Plastic tin
  • 2 years warranty

Yvelines distribution vente Flexi Print 4.1

Glunz&Jensen PW2000/Consumables

  • Computer To Plate
  • Harlequin RIP
  • Epson Printer
  • Raster AM-FM
  • Chemical Free

Simplified Technical Specifications

  • 1440x1440 dpi or 2880x2880 dpi
  • Harlequin RIP Ver. 8
  • Chemical Free
  • Plate thickness 0.15mm, 0.20mm, 0.30mm

2 years warranty

Calibration on site

All consumables (Liquid dot, Maintenance Fluid, Offset Plate in 0.15mm, 0.20mm, 0.30mm, plate cleaner, finishing gum, maintenance tank, maintenance kit, etc...) and all spare parts for ICTP from Glunz&Jensen

Yvelines distribution vente Flexi Print 4.1

Rollin Blankets

  • Blankets type 100 SN, 120 SN, 150 SN, 175 SN in 0.94 mm
  • Printec thickness 1.90 mm
  • RTA 100 1.07 mm

  • Auto adhesive blankets
  • All size and thickness on demand
  • Other products from Trelleborg available

Service & Rebuild

  • ColorMatic ID2500/ID5000 and Traditionnal
  • Glunz&Jensen PW2000
  • HALM all models 2, 4, 5 colors
  • Service and maintenance on site
  • Training and advice
  • Spare Parts and consumables

We study every case on demand.

Dosing and Creation of your PMS Colors from 1gr to 5.000gr

Yvelines distribution dosages et creation de couleurs Pantone

Colors Space

Nuancier Pantone Yvelines Distribution

A PMS color, a quantity from 1gr to 5.000 gr, "a la minute" in our location or in 24 hours in your company.

You give us your recipe number and we dose it on demand.

Special color like Gold or Silver... on demand.

We are equipped with a ColorMatic ID5000 with an accurate of 0.2 gr. per basis color.

Contactez-nous pour tout renseignement ou demande de devis

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